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Upper lip




Beard Shaping 


1/2 Arms (Upper or lower)

Full Arms 



Full back (includes shoulders

but not upper arms)

Upper back 

Lower back 

Bikini (Basic) 

Bikini (Brazilian inc Perineum)

Bikini (Hollywood inc Perineum)


1/2 Legs (Upper or Lower)

Full legs 

Hands or Feet

Small Area

In between eyebrows, odd stray hair, knuckles, toes, naval line, areola or earlobes. 

+£15 if adding it onto extra area.

Treatment Area



Per treatment/ Course of six

























Upper lip and chin 

Upper lip, chin & cheeks

Upper lip, chin, cheeks & neck

Underarms & Bikini (Basic)

Underarms & Bikini (Brazillian)

Underarms & Bikini (Hollywood)

Underarms & 1/2 Legs

Underarms & Full legs

Full back & chest

Full back, chest & upper arms

Chest & abdomen

Full torso (Full back, chest, upper arms & abdomen)

Bikini (basic) & 1/2 legs

Bikini (basic) & full legs

Bikini (brazilian) & 1/2 legs

Bikini (brazilian) & full legs

Bikini (hollywood) & 1/2 legs

Bikini (hollywood) & full legs


Bespoke packages available on request

Treatment Area

Per treatment/ Course of six



















Summer Sale! 

Laser payment options

Pay as you go
Spread the cost and pay for each treatment every time you come in  for as many sessions as you need.


Pay upfront

Prepay for a course of laser upfront and receive one session free.  


Payment Plan

I’ve teamed up with PLIM to offer you 0% finance on laser hair removal courses over the value of £100. A 5% fee will be added onto the price of the payment package and then you choose between the following  options to pay.

OPTION 1 - You pay a 25% deposit upfront and the remaining 75% in the following month. All transactions below £500 will only be able to avail this payment plan.


OPTION 2 - You pay a 25% deposit upfront and the remaining 75% in the following 3 months. This payment plan is available for transactions above £500.


Example -


Course of 6 price ½ Legs & Bikini (Hollywood) = £750

5% Fee = £787.50


Pay the 25% Deposit upfront = £196.88


Pay the remaining balance over three months = £196.87 per month


Please note that beauty treatments are exclusively available for booking to my current clients, those who've i've had the pleasure of treating within the past 12 months. This policy is in place to ensure I can accommodate our existing clientele while prioritizing my busy schedule of laser treatments.

If you are a regular client please login when using the online booking system. If you don't, the options for beauty treatments won't be available to book. 

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.























Upper lip, chin or nostrils 

Eyebrows, upper lip and chin

Eyebrows & upper lip 

Upper lip and chin 


1/2 Legs  

Full Legs


Bikini Line




Eye Treatments

Eyebrow Tint 

Eyebrow Tint & Wax 

Eyelash Tint 

Eyelash & brow tint and wax 

Eyelash Lift & Tint 

Receive 10% off when you have three or more areas waxed in one treatment. 

A skin test is required at least 24 hours prior to all tinting and lash lift services. 

Don't forget to bring your loyalty card with you - On your sixth beauty treatment receive 15% off.

What my clients say


"I've been going to Lara for years and she's so friendly. I'm always put straight at ease when having my waxing done and look forward to seeing her. She's quick but very thorough."
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