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Laser Hair Removal - The process explained

Before scheduling a consultation, please review the FAQ page to assess whether laser hair removal is a suitable treatment option for you. If you're unsure, or if any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

If you're interested and would love to come in and chat more about it then this is how the process works -

1. Book your FREE consultation online at a time and date that suits you.


2. During the consultation we will chat to check you're suitable for the treatment, talk through the process and do a patch test. If decide to go ahead you will then make your first appointment ( a minimum of one week after your patch test).

3. Before you come in I will send you pre treatment instructions (These MUST be followed for the treatment to be successful) 

4. A course of 6-12* treatments are needed between 4-6 weeks apart (depending on your specific hair growth and the area we're treating). 

5. After the treatment I will give you aftercare advice and home care products to take away with you. 


6. After your course is complete you should be hair free but sometimes a top up treatment is required within a year to keep the strays at bay! 

Can't wait to meet you soon!


I spent a long time researching the market to make sure I found a device that's safe, powerful, and for one that's going to give you the best results possible and here it is! 

Provided by Lynton Lasers, The EVOLVE is a medical device created for hair reduction on all skin types (Fitzpatrick I-VI), as well as treatment for pseudofolliculitis and hirsutism. 

The EVOLVE laser device reduces this discomfort by delivering energy in a more gradual way with the MOTION mode. Hair
can be reduced on all body areas with a virtually pain-free experience. By heating the hair slowly and combining this with IceTip technology, the EVOLVE laser destroys the growing hair follicle in a much gentler way. With the EVOLVE, all skin types can receive safe and effective hair-removal treatments.

Awarded the best UK based laser manufacture 2017, Lynton Laser machines are renowned for it’s efficiency and outstanding safety record.

Please see the FAQ page for more information! 


I was so excited to start my laser hair removal treatments and I am not disappointed. I have thick dark curly hair and prone to ingrown hairs which has always caused me to be self conscious.  Even after 1 treatment there has been a noticeable difference. Hair growth is reduced, less thick and fewer ingrown hairs.  The treatment process itself was relatively quick, even having 3 areas treated. Lara is amazing. I found the laser process itself pain free, even on sensitive areas.  I can’t wait to finish my course of treatments and start living an ingrown hair free life!!!
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